Six Ways to Make Your New Puppy Feel at Home

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Six Ways to Make Your New Puppy Feel at Home.

If you are considering bringing a puppy home and have never done it before, there are some important things you need to know. A puppy is a new member of your household, just like a new baby and therefore needs your care and attention just like any other member of your family.

The puppy has just left its family and is going to be very lonely and just a little lost. As a result, whenever it is awake, it will seek company and a caring touch. Here are six ways to make the transition home for a new puppy as comfortable as possible.

1. Don’t rush the move.

Do not get a puppy that is less than eight weeks old. All puppies need to be with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old. They need the nourishment, which provides the antibodies necessary to ward off disease, the security and the sense of identity that comes from being nursed by their mother.

2. Make the ride a smooth one.

Bring it home as comfortably as possible. Prepare a basket with a cushion, a coverlet and some chewable dog toys. Put the pup in the basket and place the coverlet over it, if the puppy appears frightened. Make sure you caress the dog’s head occasionally during the journey home. Reassure the puppy that they will be loved and cared for.

3. Show them around.

Carry the pup around your home. Introduce it to the rest of your family. Let them all become acquainted with each other, but remember, especially with young children to remind them not to smother them in love! Put the pup down and watch it when it goes exploring. Gently, but firmly, show the dog where are the go and no-go zones!

4. Make a comfy bed.

Prepare its corner/basket/bed in a cosy place in the house. The area where you intend to keep the puppy depends on the rules of your house. No matter where you put it, your task is to check on it occasionally, caress it, talk to it and to take it out whenever you think it might need to do its business.

5. Go gently with food.

Do not try changing its food at this time, because the pup will be under stress and its stomach may be upset. Keep some soft paper towels with you to clean up any messes that you or the puppy might make. Feeding it too much might cause an upset stomach and the puppy might throw-up. After all, this might be the first time that it has had anything other than its mother’s milk.

6. Get used to a few sleepless nights.

The pup will need to relieve itself on its first night away from its family. Whenever you see that the pup is getting restless, take them outside if possible or if not, set up a newspaper or a spot for them inside. Gently lift the puppy, put it on the newspaper and keep it there until it has finished its task. The first night with the pup is going to be mostly sleepless for you, what with the whimpering and the waking up. Be gentle with them and reassure them. This will be a brief time in the grand scheme of things, and it’s a chance to connect and bond with your puppy, so enjoy the moments. After all, this is the latest member of your family.

There is lots of information around and some great dog trainers, so before you consider bringing a puppy into your home, do the research so that when the time comes, this will be a great experience for your family and the pup.